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Canada Revenue Agency is making improvements for small and medium businesses

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

From: Canada Revenue Agency

News release

June 10, 2019

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) places a special emphasis on working with stakeholders to discuss tax matters, the transformation of its services and the day-to-day management of its activities. In the fall of 2018, the CRA held the Serving You Better (SYB) consultations where it heard from businesses, accountants, industry associations, and CRA employees. Through SYB, the CRA continues to develop a better understanding of the needs and expectations of businesses in order to improve the service experience and deliver better outcomes.

The full results of the consultations can be found in the Report on the Canada Revenue Agency’s 2018 Serving You Better Consultations with Small and Medium Businesses. The report outlines a clear and achievable action plan to deliver service and program improvements for small and medium sized businesses through 2021.

Some of the improvements being made as a result of the feedback include:

· Businesses will be able to sign up to receive an email confirmation when the CRA receives a document or a payment.

· Businesses will be able to upload up to ten documents at once in the Submit documents online service.

· A new “Pay” button in the online portals will allow businesses to pay outstanding balances with the click of a button.

· The Liaison Officer Service is being expanded to include incorporated businesses. T

· he Dedicated Telephone Service for tax prepares is becoming a permanent program

More CRA correspondence will be available in the online portals.

The CRA is also working to ensure that businesses and accountants know when these improvements are available.

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